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Xiamen Big Stone Co., Ltd, originate from a Shuitou factory, which produce granite, marble and quartz for house decoration and building projects.

Shuitou town, where a lot of stone collects, then after elaborate processing, products are delivered to every construction site, that makes it a stone center of China. taking advantage of the stone center, our Shuitou factory mainly focus on domestic market at the very beginning.

With different projects going on, we always have to search across China for firsthand materials with steady quality and better price. by doing this, we get to know well about Chinese stones and its origin. In the meantime, with Chinese stone industry booming, our Shuitou factory start to set up departments to cope with the challenge of development.

There are project department, purchase department, QC department and sales department.

Project department, bascially is the Shuitou factory, equipped with complete machines and skilled craftsmen,  is good at producing tiles, stairs, worktops, countertops, columns, sills, borders and any projects that needs elaborate processing.

Purchase department keeps us stay in tune with the latest stone color trend, ensure that the popular stones always available for your selection, like granites, G654, G603, G302, Snow grey, G684, G664, G682, G687, Juparana, blue stone and marbles, White Wood, Athens grey, Emperador, Nero Marquina, Portoro, Saint Laurent, Pietra grey, Cafe wood, Antique wood, Panda white and Travertine. all directly from quarry to your yard.

With more experinece and understanding about China stone industry, our purchase department also work closely with small workshops from quarry, some simple processing products like half slab, tile, paving, kerbstones, we source them directly from quarry, that saves a lot of transport cost for the final products.

And as stone works require much more manual operation, any neglect will affect the final products, so a steady quality control system is very important, our QC team follows up with each step of production, and inspect every details, like size and thickness checking, surface evenness and color consistency, good wood package and loading strengthen, all will be taking good care of before shipping.

Our departments cooperate with each other to deliver a perfect stone for your lovely house, building project or warehouse.

Should you have any products requested, marble, granite or quartz, please just drop a line to

We are a Shuitou based factory working on local materials, also please feel free to pay us a visit, we welcome you anytime.

And remember, anything comes to your house, make it stone as big as your dream.